Unique Features

Income Generating Exclusives

There are many novel features that have been introduced which are in themselves Income Generating:

Consultation Rooms

There are 10 Rooms which have been provided for doctors to see patients. The patients will pay a fee to the Doctor as well as to the Channeling Center. The Channeling Center Fee will go towards the building maintenance expenses after the cost of the center is paid. Doctors will be notified when a patient has channeled them and a room and nurse are allocated accordingly. A successful Channeling Center will ensure the apartment maintenance is eliminated or limited.


To provide a service to patients there will be a Pharmacy on site. This will generate either a rent or the property management will receive a revenue / profit share from the operator.

Medical Lab

Another service to patients we be the Lab Collection Center. Here again, the property management will receive a rent or a revenue share from this facility.

Solar Panels

200 Kw of Solar Panels will be Installed on the roof. These Panels will power the Complex, Generators, Lifts, Air Conditioners etc. Each apartment will get also receive 100 units of electricity every month free of charge. Excess power would be sold to the National Grid. The free electricity will only be given to the apartment owner and a tenant will have to pay for it but the owner will get the money paid by the tenant for 100 units which adds to the rental value

Other Outstanding Features

Concierge and Valet Car Parking System

A State of the art car parking system makes parking your vehicle fast and simple. Your wife or daughter does not have to worry about reverse parking into tight slots or go down to the basement to retrieve the car at night because the car is put to park and retrieved at the reception. You and your guest will always have parking.

Reduced transport cost with Electric Car Charging Facility

Many doctors presently own EV’s. We promote purchase of electric cars by providing facility to conveniently charge residents vehicles using rapid chargers fixed at the apartment with power generated from the roof as well as grid at attractive price per unit.

Car Pooling

We will have a pool of electric cars to be used by residents without the need for a second car for the home. This will free up your valuable capital that is tied up in a car that is totally under utilized when its just parked. All residents may nominate their electric car for the car pool if they wish to take advantage.

Face Recognition Security System (CCTV)

A state-of-the-art facility that offers the following

  • Screen who is coming into your apartment and at what times
  • Nominate who is to be permitted into the building and your apartment
  • Look into your apartment from wherever you are

Royal Court Phone App

Could be downloaded for all smart phones. To facilitate the following

  • Regulate the lighting in your rooms
  • Regulate the Air Conditioners
  • Check which slot is available to charge the car and how long is the cue.
  • Check how many patients are waiting at the Channeling Centre to avoid overcrowding
  • Check all building related information such as PV Power Generated, Sold, Stored, Expenses of the Chanelling Center, income from the Center, power usage of the building and your apartment and many more.

Air B&B Listing

Royal Court Doctor’s Enclave could be listed on the renowned ‘Air B & B’ site for people of similar interest to rent a room when travelling to Sri Lanka. As we grow our network of Doctors Enclaves around the General Hospitals in Sri Lanka we can rent the rooms or apartments for internal travel as well.

Other Fabulous Features

Outdoor Pool

There is a large pool with attractive lap swimming features.

Unique features of each apartment

Terrace & Garden Spaces

Each apartment offers a spacious balcony with a spectacular view. Garden spaces on each balcony to grow plants, such as creepers will create a green environment for the entire building

Modern Kitchen

Each apartment will feature a modern kitchen equipped with all necessary appliances and spacious counters making cooking, serving and cleaning easier

High Ceilings, Large French windows, Void open to the sky, with Cross Ventilation

10 Foot high ceilings along with a security mesh entrance door and large french windows assures cross ventilation combined with passive cooling provide a cooling effect. The Open to the Sky void inside each apartment combined with a large fan that works on Solar Power on the roof sucks out the heat and creates a negative pressure inside the void. This negative pressure is countered by the fresh air flowing over the paddy and parliament lakes which keeps the apartment cool and the electricity costs down as there is less need for fans or air conditioning.

Keeping fit

Residents will be spoiled for choice as they can walk 600m to a 3.3Km walking track with paddy and waterways to soothe their mind and could keep fit using the facilities of the indoor gym without having to drive elsewhere for a workout.

Other Outstanding Features

Letter boxes

Would be provided for all apartments

Security Hut

Security Hut and other security features will be incorporated on each floor of the apartment such as CCTV at each apartment entrance.


This will also serve as an eatery. We would have a kitchen facility; services from this facility will have in-room dining (room service).

Capsule Residence

The building will feature a space where resident’s guests could sleep on short notice for short lets. We have also set up common facilities for maids and driver with locker, showers, toilets etc

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