The First Sustainably designed apartments in the Administrative Capital of Sri Lanka.


  • The Development is valued @ LKR 3.5 Billion
  • The project is funded with Foreign Direct Investment, with a Malaysian Joint Venture Partner.
  • An investment in Futuristic, Sustainable, Eco Friendly, with modern Architecture and Town Planning.

Futuristic Planning

  • Sri Lanka’s first purpose-built residential units, with the medical profession in mind
  • Sri Lanka’s first 100% solar roof to generate electricity for the building
  • Sri Lanka’s first apartment complex, to promote electric car charging and ownership.
  • Sri Lanka’s first apartment with battery bank equipped back up power
  • Sri Lanka’s first, electric fluctuation proofed, apartment complex

Making a sustainable difference

  • Located within walking distance to the Sri Jayawardanapura Hospital. (no vehicles needed, no traffic jams, no pollution)
  • Electric car pooling – Two cars and a van for work commute
  • Sustainable Living – Ecologically and Environmentally. – (electricity is generated for lifetime with Solar.) Sustainable Interior Design
  • Interior of each apartment is designed for passive cooling, with large French widows in the living room and bedrooms with security mesh doors that enable cross ventilation.
  • Each and every apartment has a void that is open to the sky, it will promote cross ventilation within the apartment and it will pull fresh air in to the interior with the negative pressure created by the fan on top of the void.

Self sustained high rise building

  • Organic garden, at the roof top, and along the balconies.
  • Rain water harvesting will be done at the roof top.
  • Rain water will be used for landscaping, irrigation, swimming pool filling etc.

Economic Sustainability

  • The building generates electric power with solar PV and provides it for residents.
  • Apartments electricity bill is zero or reduced.
  • The common facilities power bill is zero
  • Reduced travel cost with Electric Vehicle
  • Zero Condominium Service Fees

Creating Local Employment

  • Maintenance of the vertical gardens will be done by a team employed by the management corporation.
  • There will be separate crews for technical support, maintenance, gardening, and cleaning

The Developer – Parkview Holdings (PVT) Ltd.

Consists of Mr. Saliya Jayasuria, Mr. Esala Senanayake Mr.S H. Soh, Mr. V U Kumar. They bring with them several years of real estate & property development experience. families have highly respected medical professionals who have guided the design and concept of these apartments specifically for the medical profession.

No Risk Early Booking

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity by paying Rs. 100,000/- payment can be made by credit card/cash or bank checque. (refundable with interest if not investing) with the payment we make the appointment to view the model apartment we have constructed at site so you can make your decision to purchase an apartment early and avoid disappointment.

It would be ready for occupation by end 2020.

Confirm your Purchase by paying Booking Advance of Rs. 1 Million inclusive of early booking fee paid already Rs. 100,000/=

  • Once you Visit our model apartments and see what your future home would look like.
  • You are now eligible to reserve an apartment when we invite you to do so in a few months paying a Booking Advance
  • Reserve the one you prefer by deciding which floor, what views, what size, no of bed rooms. with a down payment of 20%- to qualify for the selection of your apartment. At this point you will also sign a Sale and Purchase agreement with the company and a tri party agreement with the company and a bank of your choice and our constructing company
  • Select the finishes to suit your style and taste for a further payment of 20%
  • Balance Payment of 55% can be paid in equal monthly installments without any interest or sit with our consultant to work out how you prefer to pay and your schedule.
  • Should you not pursue with your purchase we will return your Rs.100,000/- with a 10% p. annum interest within 6 months. Your opportunity cost to make the decision is zero
  • Loans could be arranged with our Banking partners HNB, NDB, BOC, DFCC etc.

For the Doctors – By the Doctors

Royal Court is a presentation of unique luxury apartments that are designed exclusively for those in the Medical Profession. Complementing their busy lifestyles and related activities, these apartments have been visualized by reputed Medical Professionals with the inspiration that comes from their backgrounds and their family’s needs. Some of them are serving on this Board. Teaming up with them are very talented Architects, Pradeep Fernando and Associates who have understood the needs and wants of this exclusive segment.

The Key Doctors who provided the vision and mission and the background to create a Doctors Enclave.

Dr.P.R. Anthonis

Dr. Anthonis was a prominent surgeon and also who was the Chancellor of the University of Colombo from 1981 to 2002. “Antho” as he was fondly know to all his medical students molded the doctors passing on his knowledge over many years.

Dr. Ms. Cynthia Jayasuriya

The well-known ENT Surgeon who has served the community for over 50 years in government service as well as in the private sector. She trained in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) at the Oxford University Hospital, Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford England. She also lectured at the PMC in Ragama. She, along with Sr. Greta initiated a school for the deaf at her surgery in her home, “Centre for Education of Hearing Impaired Children” (CEHIC) which is now a prominent center improving the lives of impaired children “ Where The Deaf Hear and The Dumb Speak “. This Centre has achieved a lot improving the lives of many even to the point of students achieving degrees from our Universities.

Dr.James Senanayake

Founding Doctor Kandy Nursing Home. – Leading Gynecologist and Obstetrician and with his family was a Co-Founder of the Kandy Nursing Home which came into being in 1947 and is still in operation. We hope to replicate the Doctors Enclave concept in Kandy in association with the Kandy Nursing Home

The Board of Directors of Parkview Holdings (PVT) Ltd (The Developer) consists of:

Ravindra Lal Anthonis – Chairman

Mr. R L Anthonis is a professional photographer who counts well over 20 years of experience. He is also a Tea Taster, who has been trained and qualified in the United Kingdom. He has developed a sound network of high caliber professionals while he was an active member of many associations and clubs. He is a well-connected personality who is linked both locally and internationally.

Saliya Jayasuriya – Joint Managing Director

Mr.Saliya Laurence Perera Jayasuriya is a Recognized professional in the Real Estate Field in Sri Lanka. He is the Managing Director of Horizon Real Estate and Property Developers PVT LTD a company incorporated in 1998 and has been in the real estate field in marketing large projects very successfully.

Mr. Jayasuriya was the General Manager for Ceylinco Housing and Real Estate Ltd a public listed company incorporated under the housing act in 1980’s. Mr.Jayasuriya has successfully developed a waterfront lifestyle project for Ceylinco in Hirana Panadura which was known as Lake World and also the Queen Way residence adjoining the Water’s edge at Subuthipura, Baththaramulla.

Saliya Jayasuriya is a well experienced real estate consultant in the industry who has managed several real estate projects successfully during past 20 years. Saliya holds the Managing Director position of Horizon Real Estate & Property Developers (PVT) Ltd which is a leading real estate marketing company. Horizon Real Estate was the sole and exclusive marketing and sales agent for ETA ASCON which is a Dubai based top real estate company. Their large and prominent entry into Sri Lanka was the Golden Enclave Ascon Residency with 140 apartments located in Dematagoda by the Dematagoda railway station. This was a joint venture with the UDA giving them the land and the company building an extra 40 apartments for the government. Successfully marketing these apartments was a mammoth task because the company appointed marketing staff was unsuccessful in selling even 1 apartment for over 2 years into the project. Horizon rescued the company from a disaster by successfully marketing the apartments with just 1 million in advertising expenses and selling all the apartments at a price much higher than what was anticipated by the developers. Horizon undertook to the entire customer interface and successfully completed the apartment sales by attending to: Preparation and signing off of sale and purchase agreements – Collecting all payments on time and making sure the company cash flow was healthy – Attending to all sales inquiries – Developing and managing the advertising campaign – Communication with all the customers and their lawyers – Clearing all the legal issue related to project – Developing and executing the condominium plan and declaration.

Esala Senanayake – Chief Executive Officer (LLB (London), LLM (London), Mphil (London))

Mr.Esala Senanayake completed his primary and secondary education in Trinity College in Kandy, Sri Lanka. He obtained his tertiary education at Kings College University of London, UK studying Law and specialized in International Economic Law. He also holds a Masters in Philosophy at London School of Economics & Political Science. He was a former Legal Advisor attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and was also advisor to the President of Sri Lanka on International Law. He is the Chairman & Managing Director of Whispering Woods Forestry Private Limited & Taylors Hill Eco Resort Private Limited. He was formerly a tea factory owner and a tea exporter and is still a tea estate owner. Mr. Senanayaka is a pioneer in the real estate industry and one of his key undertakings is the Taylors Hill, a boutique hotel in Kandy, which was a colonial infrastructure converted into a boutique hotel by Mr. Senanayaka; now been managed by a managing partner.

Chamindri Upeksha Senanayake – Director (BA (Hons) Business Management –UK)

Mrs. Chamindri Upeksha Senanayake – Anthonis has qualified in Hotel Management at Raffles School of Hospitality and Tourism, Singapore and she has also rendered her services to many prestigious Hotels in Singapore. She also holds BA (Hons) Business Management, Nottingham Trent University, UK. She has 8-10 years’ work experience in Hotel & Tourism locally and internationally. Presently she is employed at Cinnamon Grand Hotel, Colombo in the capacity of Manager, Executive Division. She is also a Director of Whispering Woods PVT Ltd, a boutique hotel project in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Our Malaysian Partners Nino(M)sdn Bhd.(Pvt) Ltd Represented by Mr. S H Soh

Senior Partner of PWC Asia Represented by V. U. Kumar – Senior Partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) – Malaysia & served as Market Leader for PWC Malaysia

As such the Doctor’s Enclave becomes the ideal lifestyle as a doctor. Take a look at the concept, setting perfect facilities for those in the Medical Field. We welcome all doctors to come and view the model apartment evaluate the offerings in-terms of location, social standing, prestige, positive image, convenience, cost savings, security, sustainability, eco-friendliness, pleasant environment and investment appreciation potential, rentability, right environment to bring up your kids knowing who their friends and peers will be. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments in one’s life and to make the right choice is of paramount importance to you and family

Professionally Perfect

The Royal Court Doctor’s Enclave is a Condominium specifically designed for and marketed to the Doctoral profession. Great attention has been taken to create the right facilities in the ambience suited for those in this field. Prestige is in the job and prestige is what we bring to your daily living

Family Focused

Royal Court is a Community based building ensuring interaction with likeminded people with the same interests and profession. Keeping in mind that a home is a reflection of your work, hobbies and personalities, the Doctor’s Enclave is a unique residential complex specifically designed to complement the busy lives of medical professionals. While offering all modern conveniences, the complex is unique in the manner in which it is designed and executed

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