Sustainable Difference

We have created complex that is sustainable, ecologically and economically. Doctors Enclave is especially dedicated to environmental preservation. Drip irrigation system, vertical gardens will be managed by a team funded by money generated from condominium management fund By installing 14,000 sq. ft. of solar panels, RCDE is primarily run by solar electricity. We are also promoters of the green movement, by giving 100 units of electricity free every month to residents, as well as having free car charging stations to all residents. We’ve taken time to intricately design the apartment as such to have natural cross-ventilation cooling, dramatically reducing energy costs on air conditioning.

The cooling process consists of several components; every apartment has a void, a security door and sliding glass doors that lead out to the balcony built into the design. The void is a vertical well passing through the apartments floor by floor from the ground to the roof. At the top of the void well, a fan sucks all the air from the void which creates negative pressure in the apartments. If you open the main entrance door while leaving the security door closed, and open the balcony glass door, air will pass through, creating a cross ventilation effect. We have also taken measure to organize electric car pooling to get back and forth from work.

  • Sri lanka’s first zero-emission purpose built apartment
  • SL first zero power failure apartment complex backed by non-fluctuation batteries
  • Located within walking distance of hospital
  • Work commute minimized
  • Channeling center is self-sustaining. Sustainable living ecological and economical

Stellar Sustainability

Unlike most other apartment complexes, Doctors Enclave is uniquely designed in such a manner that it reduces energy intensity and decrease the Carbon Foot print. Our architects have introduced many features that take sustainability to another level. There are vertical gardens on each floor to reduce direct sunlight and promotes passive cooling. All apartments, from ground floor to roof top have a internal ‘void’ that creates cross ventilation through negative pressure created in this void. The void in the apartment runs vertically through the building to the open sky. The combination of an open entrance, the void and the doors open to the balcony create a passage for air and wind to pass through assisted by the negative pressure created by the extractor fans on top of the void. This brings in a natural cooling in each apartment and reduces the need for air conditioning. There is also a steel mesh security door as well as the main wooden entrance door to each and every apartment. Residents may keep the wooden door open yet ensures that no trespassers may enter air while letting air to pass through.

Royal Court is Sri Lanka’s first zero-emission purpose built apartment
The Apartment Complex rooftop boasts of a Solar Panel Roof that will generate 200KW of power a day and 22,000 KWh of power a month. All apartments will be given 100 Units of power every month free of charge via the PV roof so that your electricity bills are wiped out or at the least negligible. The Apartment will have power storage using state- of- the- art battery technology thus eliminating the need to have a Generator as a backup.

It is also the first zero power failure apartment complex because it is backed by non-frequency fluctuation batteries Power generated by the Solar Roof will be stored in state- of- the- art batteries and used when PV power is not available. Excess power will be sold to the grid helping to stabilize the grid as well as ensuring your valuable electronic and electric equipment does not suffer from voltage fluctuations which are common in Sri Lanka. We can truly say we are zero emission and zero power failure with guaranteed non fluctuation frequency.

First Zero Expense on apartment maintenance fees (no Condo fees or body corp fees)
Doctor’s Enclave is the only apartment that can state this. How this is achieved is as follows: We have provided 10 Doctors Meeting Rooms which will be used for patients to consult the doctors in residence. From the consulting fees paid by patients Rs. 500 will go towards the building and facilities maintenance account which will be utilized to pay for the common lighting, pool maintenance, common facility electricity bills for running the lifts, car park and also maintaining them, keeping the apartment clean, fixed and looking good.

Strategically Situated

Strategically all doctors enclaves will be located in close proximity to a General Hospital in Sri Lanka. The residents will be able to walk to the General Hospital within 10 minutes. Royal Court Doctors Enlave in Sri Jayawardenapura, Madivela Kote is just a few minutes’ walk.

Accessibility is a key feature. The Royal Court Doctor’s Enclave is located in the administrative capital, Sri Jayawardenapura, Kotte. This prestigious location ensures you are in close proximity to medical establishments such as, the Sri Jayawardenapura General Hospital (SJGH), Kalubowila General Hospital, Maharagama Cancer Hospital, Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital, Hemas Hospital. Asiri Hospitals, Castle St. Hospital, and the National Hospital of Sri Lanka. These hospitals are all within a 6Km radius from the Doctors Enclave

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